Composite Automation

MAS Composite


Our mission is to lower composite manufacturing costs by integrating composite automation, instrumentation, and controls in the most efficient configuration available. By providing our customers with efficient cost-effective systems, the benefits of composites can be implemented in a large consumer marketplace.


The company was formed with a series of ideas and concepts based upon the need for a business to provide economical composite parts and advanced processes. Composites have been used for decades for boats, skis, snowboards, car parts, toys, building materials, and major aircraft components.

After more than 50 years, the major cost in composite manufacturing is the cost of labor. MAS concentrates on methods and procedures, using modern control systems and components that lower labor costs while increasing accuracy. By using vision analysis, laser measurements with precise electro-mechanical devices, many standard composite-manufacturing companies can reduce their direct labor costs and maintain or increase product quality.

Many present-day applications use robots, multi-access gantries with extremely expensive tooling to accomplish composite automation. At MAS we concern ourselves with studying the application in detail and providing a cost-effective solution to the manufacturing process. In doing so, MAS can concentrate on specific applications without the extreme capital expenditure of a robot or gantry that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At MAS we study applications with the major concern of designing the process for the optimum return on investment (ROI) for the organization. With the advent of Lean and Just-In-Time manufacturing concepts, there is more demand on processes to reliably produce products with little rejects and a higher ROI.