Sherloc Industrial Pressure Testing

Sherloc™ Pressure Testing Work Cell

Sherloc Pressure Testing


  • Compliant with Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, DOT P173.28
  • Computer controlled using 2 networked industrial computers
  • Ethernet compatible for remote data acquisition if required
  • Password protected
  • Each station has on push button and two lights for the operation the test sequence
  • Operator instruction listed on the front panel with calibration instructions listed on the monitor panel
  • Testing parameters are adjustable i.e. max air pressure and test time
  • Both peek cut off pressure and test time can be adjusted in the software
  • High accuracy (+-1%) reading with traceability to NIST
  • Calibrated digital meter supplied as a reference is supplied with the system
  • Primarily designed for 5 & 2.5 gallon car boy containers
  • A 16 station tester is capable of testing one every 20 seconds – 180 tests an hour
  • Removable EPDM foam test heads
  • Capable of data logging
  • Run & Estop switches on front panel
  • Built in monitor with touch screen input
  • Operator protected from automation movement
  • Adaptable to 15, 30, & 55 gallon containers – lower output than car boy tests
  • Partially sealed cabinets are pressurized to keep corrosive fumes away from sensitive components

The operator presses the green button on the bottom, the test head lowers to contact the tub, the green light flashes indicating the test is underway, if air cylinder releases and the green light is on steady the tub passes, if the air cylinder releases and the red light comes on the tub fails.

Safety Shield

The clear polycarbonate shield prevents the operator from getting pinched by the retracting test head at the end of the test cycle.

Pressure Testing Touch Screen

Built In Monitor with Touch Screen Input

Removable EPDM Foam Test Heads